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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Students in Wyoming grow in their reading and mathematics abilities during the academic school year. However, students can slip in their abilities over the summer months. This phenomenon is called “summer learning loss,” and is well documented by researchers throughout the country. The following two programs are specially geared to help stop summer learning loss and are FREE to Wyoming students.

Find a Book, Wyoming

Research shows that when students read high-interest, ability appropriate books over the summer, they can actually grow and improve their reading ability1. The Find a Book, Wyoming tool supports and facilitates this research based solution. Find a Book, Wyoming enables students, educators, and parents to build custom reading lists based on their reading ability, i.e. Lexile® measure, as well as, personal interests. The tool also enables students, parents and educators to check the availability of books at their local library, as well as, submit a pledge to read this summer. To access the Find a Book, Wyoming tool, visit

1: Kim, J.S. (2005) Project READS (Reading Enhances Achievement During Summer): Results from a Randomized Field Trial of a Voluntary Summer Reading Intervention. Paper presented at Princeton University, Education Research Section, November 7, 2005.

The Summer math Challenge

The Summer Math Challenge is a math skills maintenance program based on grade-level state standards for Mathematics. The program is targeted to students who have just completed 2nd- through 5th-grade and is designed to help them retain math skills learned during the previous school year. Parents, who enroll their child, receive daily emails with targeted activities and resources to help children retain the math skills learned during the previous school year. The Summer Math Challenge begins June 23rd and runs until August 1st. To find out more information about the Summer Math Challenge, visit

Both learning tools use measures that are reported on the Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students (PAWS) for grades 3-8 and 11. Find a Book, Wyoming uses a student’s reading score, reported as a Lexile measure to provide a corresponding list of texts that fall within the student’s reading ability. The Summer Math Challenge uses a student’s mathematics score, reported as a Quantile® measure, to produce activities tailored to the student’s mathematical ability. Both tools have features that allow students, parents, and educators to estimate a Lexile or Quantile measure if it is not known.


For more information, please contact Julie Magee at or 307-777-8740.

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