Frontier Days volunteers run the show

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - 2, 300 volunteers spend most, if not all of their day, for 10 days, at Frontier Park, and they do it just for the love of it.

"I am a rough stock timer, we do all of the backup timing for the bucking events, said Bill Talmage, a volunteer.

He has been volunteering at Frontier Days for more than 20 years. "Volunteerism is part of Cheyenne, its part of the things i love about Wyoming," said Talmage.

Even after all this time, Talmage will continue timing, "and i'll be here until they don't need me anymore," he said.

Once the animals exit the arena, Talmage hands the volunteering reins over to a younger crowd.

"I work down at the North end with all of the smaller livestock, like steers and calfs," said Chance Parrish, a youth volunteer.

A group of kids, mostly under the age of 18 help wrangle the smaller livestock. Zane Martin, a youth volunteer said his favorite part is,"when the calfs go by because you see how some are big and some are small and the difference in size."

Volunteering has become a time honored tradition passed throughout families for generations. "Its more of a family tradition, my mom volunteered, my dad volunteered, grandparents, they all volunteer," said Cali Stewart, a volunteer.

One that powers a community and continues to run the daddy of em all year after year.

"I just really enjoy it and i think its something everybody ought to get into in some way," said Talmage.

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