Frontier pilot feeds plane

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Dominos is the pizza delivery experts, and on Monday night when the call came in, they lived up to the name with manager Andy Ritchie as their guide.

"We were all sitting down outside just taking a chill and played rock paper scissors to see who got the phone, and I happened to be the one to get the phone," said Ritchie.

After a frontier flight from Washington made a stop in Cheyenne because of bad weather in Denver, the pilot made a call into the local Dominos and ordered pizza for 160 people.

"I think its time to take care of my passengers, so I called Dominos and ordered some pizza" said Gerhard Brandner, the Frontier pilot.

"He goes, I have 160 people to feed and I need it in 30 minutes" said Ritchie.

Just as they were about to call it a night, Ritchie and his coworkers went to work and made pizzas faster than ever before, "15 cheese, and accidentally 19 pepperoni," said Ritchie.

And to go even farther on this act of kindness, the pilot paid the bill out of his own pocket. "I'm known for that, whoever is with me, they're not going to go hungry," said Brandner.

"I wish I would have know he was paying out of pocket for them, because then I would have done way more for him," said Ritchie.

A good old fashion cheesy story to make the world a better place, "it was a great gesture of him, that's something you don't usually see people do," said Ritchie.

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