Grizzlies welcome Sterling to a rainy Pioneer Park

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The rain came in and delayed the beginning of the Grizzlies game with the Sterling Express.

So the Grizzlies provided the entertainment for the crowd in attendance. They played a little curing using themselves as the stones. They practiced for the WWE. Tanner Hensley won via a rock bottom and a fast 3 count. They went deer hunting for the rare J.G. Riley breed of deer. Zak Worsley even sacrificed himself on a baseball grenade. They rode a roller coaster and celebrated early Jewish Wedding Style.

Oh, there was a baseball game to play. The Grizzlies scored first and often. They had to hold off the Express at the end but the Grizzlies get the 9-8 win.

Game 2 of the 3 with Sterling is Monday at 6:30pm at Pioneer Park.

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