Group fighting to allow chickens in backyards

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Move over dogs and cats, chickens may become the new favorite pets here in Cheyenne. One group is pushing to allow chickens to live within Cheyenne city limits.

Cheyenne local urban chicken keepers, or CLUCK, is a group trying to bring about change in Cheyenne.

"I think its great, they are lovely little animals and they make great pets," said Catherine Wissner from the Laramie County Extension Service.

This change would allow people a few chickens in their backyard. However, some people still have concerns.

"there would be concerns as to how people would maintain the coup and what they would do," said Cheyenne City Councilwoman Georgia Broyles.

Despite slow discussions about this in the past, the momentum seems to be turning. "It'll be interesting to see if someone brings forward an ordinance and then we'll take a vote on it and see how people really feel about it," said Broyles.

In order for this to happen, a city council member needs to turn the question into an ordinance for the city council to vote on.

"I've had chickens for 17 years and there really isn't a downside," said Wissner.

"I understand the health issue, and i think they're a real benefit as far as that goes," said Broyles.

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