Groups call for change to campaign finance rules

Early voting continues through tomorrow with Election Day on Saturday, May 10.
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Cheyenne, WY (AP) - Local and national groups warn that Wyoming's campaign finance laws need to be changed to comply with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Wyoming law limits how much each resident can donate in total to candidates, political parties and political action committees during an election cycle.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled recently that donors can't be limited in how much they contribute overall to political candidates, parties and campaign groups in each election cycle.

Representatives of the Cheyenne-based Wyoming Liberty Group and the Alexandria, Va.-based Center for Competitive Politics say that means Wyoming's law is in violation of the ruling and the state could face a lawsuit if it enforces it this election year.

State Attorney General Peter Michael declined to comment on the issue, noting county authorities enforce election law.

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