Gun Controversy Reignited After Death of Shooting Instructor

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CHEYENNE (KGWN) - The accidental death of a shooting instructor at the hands of a nine year old girl has re-ignited the gun control debate.

39-year-old, Charles Vaca was standing with the girl, who was visiting ''Last Stop'' shooting range in Arizona, when she lost control of her Uzi Submachine gun.

The Mojave County Sheriff’s Office reported that the gun recoiled, causing it to flip over the girls head, firing at the instructor.

We spoke with Wyomings "Guns and Gears" shop representatives, who reminded us about Wyoming laws regarding minors and guns.

Frank Gerstenkorn, a shop employee said, “If you’re under 18, you can buy a long gun. If you’re 14, if you’re 12, you can get your Hunter Safety and go out in the field.”

They also informed us that gun limitations depend on an individual’s level of control, training and discipline. Although Wyoming's laws tend to be relaxed, proper safety regulations need to be followed.

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