Handling Cyber Security

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Whether you post personal information to Facebook or not, your private photos, documents or other information could be stolen.

"A lot of folks, including celebrities, don't take their information security seriously," said Dan Kaminsky, the Chief Scientist at White Ops.

The FBI is currently investigating photos of nude celebrities being stolen from a cloud server and posted online. "We have no idea how this data was lost, we know that the data made it onto the phones, and we know that the phones stored the photographs, but what we don't know is what happened next," said Jeff Schilling, an internet security expert.

One thing to do to protect your self are the basic security settings. "Often times some of the things that change are the security settings, and they'll go back to the basic security, so its a good idea to check those," said Dr. Jill Koslosky, the Laramie County Community College Dean of Students.

Especially those that have to do with security questions. "If the question says what town were you born in and you've got it on your Facebook page saying I was born in this town than it's very easy for someone to guess," said Ty Stockton, LCCC Public Relations.

Only post things you are comfortable sharing. "Even if you post something online and take it down five seconds later, any good it hacker is going to be able to find that photo that you put up for five seconds," said Dr. Koslosky.

But the easiest way is to just watch your actions. "Be careful and conscious of how you're acting and know there's always a chance that can end up online," said Dr. Koslosky..

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