High School Students join the Governor and First Lady against underage drinking

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Click is a group that consists of Jr. High and High School students who speak out on issues such as seatbelt safety and underage drinking. Today, they joined Governor Matt Mead along with First Lady Carol Mead to speak out on the dangers of underage drinking and driving.

Carol Mead spoke about how speaking to children is half of the equation and how the message really needs to go to the parents as well.

"We are just encouraging parents to talk to your kids, younger than you might think, tweens and even 6th and 7th graders are not too early to talk to them about the message of just avoiding alcohol as a young person."

Several of the students in Click also spoke about their experience in the group and taking the message to other students around the city. Several Cheyenne Police officers were there, including several former DUI investigators. They spoke about how one bad decision has life changing consequences, not only on the victims, but also on their family and friends.

The officers encouraged everyone to report underage drinking, and they can do so easily and anonymously using the Cheyenne PD's app, which is available on iTunes and in the Google Play Store.

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