Homar announces bid for re-election

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Laramie County District Attorney Scott Homar officially announced that he is running for re-election this spring. Homar has already served 2 terms as district attorney and says that while he has accomplished a lot of the things he originally set out to do, as time goes by, priorities do change.

"I knew the things I wanted to make different. The things I wanted to change back then, and I came in and I think I did a lot of those things. Now, as of course, as you progress through 7.5, 8 years as the D.A., new things come up, and priorities might shift a little bit on where you want to turn your attention."

Homar says that he wants the D.A.'s office to become more proactive instead of reactive on issues like domestic violence, and especially with computer crimes and computer fraud. One way to do that is by working with the legislature, by informing and educating them, they can help by passing laws to deal with some of those issues.

Former Goshen County prosecutor Jeremiah Sandberg will run against Homar in the Republican primary this spring. Homar had no comment about his opposition at this time.

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