Job Fair Held for Disabled in Cheyenne

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - A disability shouldn't be a disadvantage when looking for a job.
"We want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to find employment," said Mark McKay, a workforce specialist.
The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services in conjunction with the Cheyenne Mayor's Council for People with Disabilities hosted a job fair specifically for those with a disability.
"There are barriers that they have to overcome, but there are employers out there definitely that are more than willing to accommodate them as well," McKay said.
Some job seekers were there to find more permanent employment.
"Oh, I'm just looking for anything really. I'd like a second job, but I'm looking for full-time if it opens up," said job seeker, Bryce Armstrong.
Others like Deborah Bagley, have found it difficult to get back into the workforce.
"Some places just don't want to hire the disabled people or the handicapped people and I'm against that," Bagley said.
Job seekers were happy with the opportunities they were able to find during the job fair.
"I went to all the places and I'll probably apply for all of them," Armstrong said.
It's the second job fair that the Mayor's Council for People with Disabilities has put on in the last eight months. The second attempt attracted more job seekers and employers.
"We're probably at least double the number of job seekers and we've increased our number of employers probably by about three or four," said McKay.
More of both job seekers and employers means a greater chance that more of Cheyenne's disabled population will find employment.

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