Julie Feiner in Studio

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Five years ago Julie's mother's dog had 2 puppies, but unfortunately, the mother died while giving birth. To help the puppies, Julie sought out a rescue shelter that might have a lactating mother for the puppies to nurse from instead of bottle feeding them herself. Julie ended up find a rescue and gave them the puppies, but when it was time for them to come home, they cut off all contact. Julie later then found out the truth about who she gave her puppies to.

Julie filed a lawsuit against Kimi Peck, which she won. Peck was ordered to give the puppies back along with paying a fine for inflicting emotional damages. Julie hasn't seen any of that settlement money and she didn't get her dogs back either.

Fast forward 5 years, and Julie hears through a Facebook page titled "Where on earth is animal hoarder Kimi Peck" that Peck is in Cheyenne and was surrendering her dogs. So, Julie caught a flight to Denver, rented a car and arrived in Cheyenne early Saturday morning, where she got to see her dogs for the first time in a long time.

The women running the Facebook page, Robyn, worked tirelessly to try and locate Peck. She says that starting the Facebook page was one of the best things she's ever done and as soon as she started, started receiving messages as to Peck's whereabouts. It was through this Facebook page that we were able to track Peck to Weld County in Colorado and then Cheyenne, where she was cited for not having rabies certifications for her dogs and eventually where she surrendered the dogs.

Julie and her dogs will be going home this week, but not before Julie gave her dogs new names. She named the female Cheyenne and the staff of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and Animal Rescue named the male Cowboy. Julie says that her dogs while never want for anything ever again. Kimi Peck is due on court on Monday, May 5th, this court appearance stems from the 55 citations she was given in late April for not having rabies certifications for her dogs.

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