Jury to Begin Deliberating on Uden Verdict

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The prosecution finished their cross-examination of Alice Uden Tuesday morning, questioning her for two hours.
District attorney Scott Homar had many questions for Uden that he found to be confusing about Uden's story.
Uden claimed a pool of blood formed on the crib mattress and a little bit on the floor after she shot Ronald Holtz in the back of the head from about two feet away as he was reaching for Uden's two-year-old daughter.
"No, he didn't fall into it," Uden said.
"He fell over the railing and then slumped back onto the floor. At what point would there have been an opportunity for blood to pool on that mattress," said Homar.
"I don't know," Uden said.
Alice Uden's claim in the case has been self-defense.
Homar asked Uden about a conversation she had in September of 2013 with Wyoming dci agent Tina Trimble.
"You spontaneously, without being asked said, 'I was terrified of him. I was afraid he was going to hurt Erica. I shot him while he was sleeping.' Right?," Homar said.
"I don't remember," said Uden.
Agent Trimble was on hand to give her account of the conversation they had last September.
"Ms. Uden used her own words to describe to me that she had shot Mr. Holtz while he was sleeping," Trimble said.
Uden is claiming she was telling agent Trimble what she wanted to hear so that the interview would be over with.
Closing arguments were delivered late Tuesday afternoon.
Scott Homar laid out examples of how he felt Alice Uden did whatever suited her and that it suited her to shoot Ronald Holtz.
He finished by asking the jury to convicted Uden of first-degree murder.
Defense attorney Don Miller addressed Uden's conflicting stories to the court and to authorities saying that over a 40 year period memories become fuzzy and a lot of things aren't always going to match.
He instructed the jury that all doubt doesn't need to be removed from their minds, they just need to have reasonable doubt. If they do, they must find the defendant not guilty.
Closing arguments finished at about 5:40 Tuesday evening. Judge Steven Sharpe excused the jury for the day. They will begin deliberating to reach a verdict Wednesday morning.

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