KGWN Celebrating 60th Anniversary in Cheyenne

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - “KFBC goes on the air!” read the headline of the Wyoming Eagle March 22nd, 1954. Cheyenne and Wyoming finally had their first television station. Cheyenne became the smallest community in the country to have its own television station. Now Cheyenne residents could watch popular shows like “I Love Lucy” and “Dragnet” without having to constantly adjust antennas and hope for good weather between Cheyenne and Denver. We weren’t just CBS back then.
We were also the ABC, NBC and Dumont affiliate.
Appliance stores were probably our biggest supporters. Adds for new televisions and antennas filled the paper’s special edition.
Some dealers were selling as many as 15 sets a week when we went on the air. Here’s what our station looked like back then and here it is now. Not much difference, but a lot of things have changed.
Like a lot of TV and movie stars we have changed our name a few times. In 1975 we became KYCU and a full time CBS affiliate.
In 1987 we were purchased by the Great Western Network and became KGWN and we continue to grow.
In 2006, we added the state’s first CW channel.
We are very proud to be Wyoming’s most honored station.
Over the years we have won dozens of awards for our programing and news. We have been named by the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters station of the year nine times in the last 15 years including 2013,
For 60 years CBS NewsChannel 5 has been many things to many people and we have had a lot of people come through our doors but we have always and will remain your station in Cheyenne.

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