LCCC Dorm evacuated after suspicious canister found in dorm room

Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - UPDATE: Students are being allowed back into their dorm

An LCCC dorm was evacuated after a canister containing unknown chemicals was found in a student's room.

Laramie County Fire District #1, Laramie County Sheriff's deputies, Hazmat and a Chemical Support team are on site to determine if the canister is hazardous.

Students were moved to the gym and later returned to their dorm rooms after the all clear was given.

Laramie County Sheriff Spokesman Gerry Luce told NewsChannel 5 that the initial reports he has received indicate that the canister contains a farm pesticide.

Luce told NewsChannel 5 that two LCCC students were visiting a farm over the weekend. They found the canister on the farm and brought it back to school. A dorm supervisor spotted the canister in a dorm room Monday night, became concerned and called the Laramie County Fire Dept. . As a precaution the dorm was evacuated.

The Chemical Support team will do an in the field analysis to confirm what kind of chemicals are inside the canister.

"We just want to play it safe and be sure" Luce told NewsChannel 5.

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