LCCC starting credit transfer progrem

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Cheyenne, WY(KGWN)- Laramie County Community College is looking ahead, not necessarily to their own future, but their student's future's. They're starting a program to make it easier for students to move on to 4-year schools.

'Hopefully with this it will make it easier for students to transfer to universities without losing any credits," said Jose Fierro, the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Right now students run the risk of losing credits if they don't finish their associates degree before transferring.

The program involves LCCC creating a block of general education credits. No extra classes are needed, and all will be accepted at in state schools like the University of Wyoming.

"The certificate is 30 credit hours and is based on the leap initiative from the american association of colleges and universities," said Fierro.

Students we spoke to say they're excited about this new option. The program is set to being in 2015, although parts of it may be available to take this fall.

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