LCFD #2 Hosts Fire Service Conference

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Fire departments from around the region are in Cheyenne this weekend for the 2nd annual "Honoring Tradition, Leading Change" fire service conference.

Hosted by Laramie County Fire District #2, the 3-day event features everything from hands-on extrication training to a live burn opportunity.

Fire Chief Jason Caughey says new recruits are facing increasingly more dangerous situations and it's important to provide them with the tools necessary to keep them safe.

"We're fighting fire a lot of the same ways, but the environment we fight them in is totally different," said Caughey. "What you have in your houses is a lot more combustible, it's a lot more highly toxic, it's more hazardous material related ... the way we combat that has to change for our firefighters safety and also the communities safety."

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