LCSD1 Supports House Bill 5

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The death of a Wind River Elementary School girl who was struck by a car after exiting her school bus in December of 2011, could be bringing about change in Wyoming.
House Bill 5 would equip all school buses with video equipment on the outside of buses to catch cars passing stopped buses.
Officials with Laramie County School District 1 believe it could help save a child's life in Cheyenne.
By a vote of 32 to 27, House Bill 5 passed third reading Monday and is now moving on to be introduced in the Senate.
Officials with Laramie County School District 1 support the bill that would reimburse the school district for equipping all their buses with external cameras.
"Anything that deals with student safety, we're all about," said Dave Bartlett, Assistant Superintendent of Support Operations with LCSD1.
Two years ago, all buses were equipped with four internal cameras to help reduce bullying on the buses.
"That's thwarted, that's stopped a lot of that. If we know about something, if we get a call from a principal we can preview those tapes and get right on it," said Merle Smith, Program Administrator for Transportation at LCSD1.
The district hopes for more positive results by installing external cameras to catch those not obeying traffic laws around school buses.
"On a regular basis we have people going through our stop arms when they should not be. So I think it's a great bill," Smith said.
Only five buses in LCSD1 currently have the external cameras, if the bill passes they would all have them in the next two years.
"People are not abiding by that particular law then there could be a possibility of a serious injury," said Smith.
The law specifically states that when a school buses stop arm is out, vehicles on both sides of the road must stop. Even on a four-lane road, unless there is a barrier separating them.

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