Lake Minnehaha remediation nearly complete

DIrector of Parks and Recreation Rick Parish shares some of the interesting finds at the bottom of Lake Minnehaha
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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Under blue skies and a bright sun, the City of Cheyenne's DIrector of Parks and Recreation Rick Parish announced Friday that the first phase of the Lake Minnehaha remediation project was nearly complete.

The City has been working on this project for months after they removed the algae plagued water and nearly 35,000 cubic yards of dirt from the lake's floor. When the water is brought back to fill the lake, it will be eight feet deep as opposed to it's former three foot depth.

For years, Lake Minnehaha has been a fixture in the park, but it's poor water quality and bad odor drove many away. Parish said the new depth, the removal of the island, and a rock border to reduce erosion should make the lake a more pleasant place to be.

Phase one may be nearly complete, but to a passerby, it may not seem like much has been done at all. But Parish said they're waiting on approval from the Department of Environmental Quality before putting the water back in, and that in the mean time "Mother Nature," can help the process along. There are still some construction zones around the lake as well.

Parish said while people will enjoy the new lake, the rehabilitation project drew a lot of visitors. He said one person was there during the digging to see if he could find his bike his son had thrown in the lake several years ago. Parish said they did find that bike, but that it, "obviously wasn't usable anymore." Parish laughed when describing the seemingly excessive amount of bowling balls found in the bottom of the lake. He also saved three glass Coke and Dr.Pepper bottles he found. One of the bottles had been bottled in Cheyenne.

The second phase of the project will deal with the lake's storm water pipe drainage system. There isn't funding for phase two yet, but that people can come enjoy the lake this summer even before phase two starts.

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