Laramie Co. Sheriff’s Department Starts Explorer Program

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LARAMIE COUNTY, WY - The Laramie County Sheriff’s Department is starting a Law Enforcement Explorer program for young people interested in learning about the law enforcement career field and interested in participating in various capacities with the Sheriff’s Department.

The program, slated to start in coordination with the beginning of the school year, will allow young people who have an interest in a potential law enforcement career to participate in selected training events and assist in a number of capacities related to law enforcement. The program is associated with Boy Scouts of America, and designed to provide potential future career information, leadership experience, character education, citizenship skills, and life skills.

Young people who have completed the 8th Grade and are 15 to 20 years old can participate.

Seven Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department have stepped up to volunteer in putting this program together for the Explorers. This is a new program for the Sheriff’s Department and one designed to provide positive learning and career exploration for the participants. The program also allows Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department to connect with young people from the area.

Those who may be interested in learning more about the Sheriff’s Department Explorer Program can contact Lieutenant Don Hollingshead at (307) 633-4736.