Laramie County Fair

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- The Laramie County Fair is bustling with visitors this week. There are bouncing castles, farm animals and tractors...all a perfect recipe for some good old fun in the Wild West!

Event Coordinator, Bridget Wilson weighs in on all the fun saying, "I think we had some new people out here who hadn't come here before...And that's what we were trying to bring about".

Some of the biggest events include pig wrestling, muttin' bustin' and as one young girl declares-- she's going for a ride on a sheep.

After a century of old traditions, county fair members are ready to expand. Bridget Wilson tells us, "We have our livestock show and our exhibitors. But we wanna bring in other forms of entertainment".

That's why committee members are welcoming to suggestions from the community.

Currently, fair organizers are looking into switching venues from Frontier Park to Archer Park due to funding concerns. Though, some community members have expressed mixed feelings about the potential move.

"Definitely not easier because we live on this side of town. It's more convenient for us to come out here. We would still probably come once a year".

Yet no matter its location, the Laramie County Fair will continue to entertain its audiences and uphold its western traditions.

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