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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - A same-sex marriage bill fails in the Wyoming House along with a bill to restore rights to ex-felons. And a gun rights bill is alive and well.
NewsChannel 5’s Robert Geha reports from the State Capitol.

Gay marriage supporters will have to wait a year before they get another shot at marriage equality.
House Bill 87 failed by a wide margin 17 yes, 41 no’s, 2 excused.
It would’ve changed Wyoming’s definition of marriage as a contract between a man and a woman to between two natural persons.
Supporters say the measure is a step in the right direction.
Another Medicaid expansion bill bites the dust.
That’s the third one in two days.
House Bill 84 was described as a Medicaid fit or premium assistance option, giving the state more leeway in how changes are designed or implemented.
We could see one or two more Medicaid expansion type bills surface by tomorrow’s introductory deadline.
A bill calling for a special session to deal with the fallout of the Cindy Hill case also died on an introduction vote.
Senate File 106 fell two votes short of the 20 needed.
Then a senator from the prevailing side motioned to reconsider the bill.
The motion passed and so did the bill.
Also the Governor and the Legislature have the power to call for a special session.
Legislation that would restore civil rights to non-violent felons also failed introduction.
House Bill 126 would’ve given back voting and gun rights to felons immediately after serving their sentences or finishing parole or probation.
And one of two gun bills survive in the House.
House Bill 111, which is in, allows local school boards to allow teachers and other school workers who hold concealed carry permits to carry guns at schools.
And 119 , which is not, would’ve repealed gun free zones in schools and other public places.
Friday is the last day for bills to be introduced or they die.

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