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Cheyenne, WY. (KGWN) - The Wyoming Legislature tackles the 3½ billion dollar budget while other bills make their way through the process.
NewsChannel 5’s Robert Geha reports from the State Capitol.with more of today’s legislative action.

Dark clouds are gathering over the only surviving Medicaid expansion bill.
Senate File 118 is in the Senate Labor, Health & Social Services committee where the deck is stacked against it.
The bill is scheduled to be debated and voted on there Wednesday.
118 works in stages. Stage one allows for a year of traditional Medicaid expansion. Under stage two, the state would negotiate a Medicaid waiver with the feds, which would last for three years then expire. It could be extended again if the Legislature sees fit.
Committee Chairman Charles Scott says the question is, are there enough votes in this time- limited budget session to pass the bill in both the Senate and the House.
People First is a group of folks with disabilities.
They are asking the legislature to provide funds for Medicaid Waiver Waiting list recipients without cutting funds for existing recipients.
They are also asking for more funding so providers can help the disabled live more independently.
All in all, they are asking lawmakers to help them help themselves.
The bill to allow cameras on the outside of school buses squeaks by the House on a final vote 32-27.
Supporters says House Bill 5 uses the law to collect images of people passing school buses when they shouldn’t be doing it.
They say that puts young kids in danger and the practice has to stop.
House Bill 5 heads over to the Senate where it’s hard to predict its fate.
And both chambers working the budget for a first time.
They will continue that work again Tuesday.

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