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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The State Senate shoots down a Medicaid expansion budget amendment. And in the House a higher speed limit bill jumps another lane.
For those stories and more of today’s legislative action let’s head over NewsChannel 5’s Robert Geha live at the State Capitol.
Medicaid expansion supporters have not given up. At the start of business today there were four budget amendments dealing with the issue. Two in the House and two in the Senate.
Senator Chris Rothfuss’s first Medicaid expansion amendment today, much like his Senate bill which died in committee, went down 21-9.
His other one is identical to Representative Eric Barlow’s in the House.
There is no Medicaid expansion the first year. It just allows state officials to negotiate with the feds an expansion that fits Wyoming.
House Bill 12 passes a 2nd vote. It would raise the speed limit to 80 miles an hour on stretches
of Wyoming Interstates. Final House vote Monday.
The Bill to shorten the school year by having in-service teacher days during the summer or when
school is not in session dies without a vote in the Senate. The Wyoming Education Association
opposed Senate File 32 why some parents and small businesses supported it.
That House budget amendment we reported on last night which would manage and treat suicide prevention and substance abuse the same way it was managed and treated before it was changed two years ago has been reversed.
So the more centralized Prevention Management Organization will continue.
Back to Senator Rothfuss’s other Medicaid expansion amendment. The one he talked about earlier.
It also failed late this afternoon.
And the 3.3 billion dollar budget passed on a final vote.
I’m Robert Geha reporting from the State Capitol, back to you.

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