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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - A higher speed limit bill passes out of the House. While a DNA bill sponsored by a Cheyenne senator fails.
NewsChannel 5’s Robert Geha reports.
The bill to raise the speed limit to 80 miles an hour on stretches of Wyoming interstates zooms out of the House 53 to 6.
House Bill 12 heads to the Senate.
Not a lot of opposition to the bill which gives the Wyoming Department of Transportation the authority to determine where on the interstates it’s safe to drive 80 miles an hour.
Some studies show that driving faster on lone stretches of highways forces you to pay more attention.
Over in the Senate, senators killed the Katie’s law bill. Senate file 47 failed by four votes. It would’ve allowed authorities to take a suspect’s DNA when charged with a felony.
Opponents are against taking DNA from defendants unless they’re convicted of a felony, the way the law is now.
The bill’s sponsor says that argument probably changed enough minds to kill the bill.
The Senate also killed the involuntary hospitalization bill. Senate File 40 would’ve extended the time a person detained for mental illness could expect to appear before a judge for evaluation, to 96 hours from 72.
And Cheyenne representative Bob Nicholas’s computer trespass bill passes a final vote in the House.
It would not only make it a crime to electronically harm another’s computer or network but also allow the harmed party to sue for damages.
House Bill 178 moves to the Senate.
I’m Robert Geha reporting from the State Capitol.

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