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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - A form of Medicaid expansion survives negotiations. While a bill calling for additional funds for the Game and Fish Department has one more vote to go.
NewsChannel 5’s Robert Geha is at the State Capitol with those stories and more of today’s legislative action.
Budget negotiators from both chambers have adopted the Medicaid expansion amendment to the budget bill or what I more accurately call the Medicaid exploratory option.
It allows state officials to explore a possible Medicaid expansion agreement with the feds which fits Wyoming.
That budget amendment had originally passed the House but not the Senate.
Rough sledding for the Game and Fish funding bill even though it passes the House on a second vote.
Senate File 45 includes 4.7 million dollars a year to help Game and Fish pay for rising health care costs and two million a year for Grizzly Bear management.
The money would come from the general fund because Game & Fish says there’s not enough revenue from license fees to pay for the increased costs.
Representative Gerald Gay’s amendment would’ve taken the money out for healthcare costs.
It failed.
He says Game and Fish is a used based agency which is asking for more and more taxpayer money.
Sportsmen have covered Game and Fish health care and most other costs to date.
They say that with the agency’s budget crunch and the fact that it’s the only state government agency besides a few WYDOT employees, whose health care is not paid for by the state, that it’s time the Legislature step up to the plate.
House Bill 3 passes the Senate on a final vote.
It would allow local school districts to form schools for at risk students.
Those are students who don’t have the advantages of average students

The bill to raise the speed limit to 80 miles an hour on sections of Wyoming interstates is waiting to be debated for a first time in the Senate. House Bill 12 passed out of the Senate Transportation Committee Wednesday night.
The computer trespass bill passes the Senate on a first vote.
House Bill 178, sponsored by Cheyenne representative Bob Nicholas, would not only make it a crime to electronically harm another’s computer or network but also allow the harmed party to sue for damages.
2nd vote Friday.
And Friday is the last day for bills to pass out of committee in the opposite house or they die.
I’m Robert Geha reporting live from the State Capitol, back to you.

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