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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The bill calling for a special special this spring to deal with the fallout from the Wyoming Supreme Court decision in the Cindy Hill case dies a natural death in the House.
Senate File 106 dies without a first vote in the House Monday night . Any bills not debated for a first time in the opposite chamber Monday died by missing the deadline schedule.
We asked State Schools Superintendent Cindy Hill what now.
In January, the State High Court decided the Legislature acted unconstitutionally last year when it removed Hill as head of the Education Department and replaced her position with an appointed director.
The case is back down in state district court.
We asked Hill what she’s learned from all the controversy surrounding that.
We also asked Deputy Superintendent John Masters what he’s taken away from the events of the last year.
The Superintendent’s policy analyst Sam Shumway says the morale among the 6 member staff has been good.
We wanted to know how he ended up in the Superintendent’s office rather than the Education Department.
Remember, the Governor or Legislative leaders could call a special session after the lower court proceedings are finished.
The bill to raise the speed limit to 80 miles an hour on sections of Wyoming interstates passes the Senate on a final vote. WYDOT would determine on what stretches the higher speed limit would apply.
Also passing the Senate on a final vote is the post-dated checks bill dealing with pay-day loans.
Under House Bill 88, consumers will have the right to rescind a post-dated check, can enter into an installment plan and will be notified of state laws dealing with pay-day loans.
The computer trespass bill passes a final vote in the Senate.
House Bill 178 would make it a crime to electronically harm another’s computer or network.
This bill also allows the harmed party to sue for damages.
The Legislature is down to the wire. Wednesday is the last day for bills to be voted on for a final time in the opposite House. And the Governor has until Thursday to act on the 3.3 billion dollar budget.
I’m Robert Geha reporting from the State Capitol.

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