Mead Announces Intentions for Second Term

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - "My announcement today is that I am running for governor for another term," said Governor Matt Mead.
With about 300 people in attendance, on his 52nd birthday, Governor Matt Mead made his intentions for the next four years known.
Mead pointed to wanting to continue many of the initiatives that he's fought for during his campaign and continuing to diversify Wyoming's economy in areas like broadband technology.
"You see Microsoft and the companies like that. When they see what we're doing in the state, I think we'll even have a greater advantage on top of the fact we have lowest electricity," Mead said.
One area where he believes the state is falling short is in education.
"It's just not acceptable that Wyoming isn't a leader in education. I know we've got the teachers and administrators so that's an area where we can certainly do better," said Mead.
In 2010, Mead was a prohibitive underdog to win the Governor's seat with only about three percent name recognition across the entire state. This year, as the incumbent, he will be the heavy favorite.
"We worked really hard and we're going to work really hard this time, but it is a different campaign because still, priority one is to do the job you have," Mead said.
Despite the recent jabs at Mead from one of his challengers, Cindy Hill, he says he will stay true to his campaign.
"I'm going to run my campaign. I'm going to say what I think is important and not be reacting to the other candidates. I just think everyone has their own view and their own vision. We're going to express what my view is and my vision and not be reactive to whatever they do," Mead said.
"I'd ask all of you to join me for another four years to do it right, to do it the Wyoming way and to say aren't we blessed to live in this wonderful, wonderful Wyoming.”

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