Meals on Wheels is in Need of Volunteers

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CHEYENNE - With August designated Summer Hunger Awareness Month, we're highlighting a food delivery program right here in Cheyenne.

Meals on Wheels prepares and delivers meals to thousands each year. The program is dedicated to keeping seniors safe and fed in their own homes. Executive Director, Sharon Benson explained the program sends meals to help seniors "improve their health and maintain their health."

Janet Calkins is one of several volunteers who helps those seniors maintain their independence, even if they do need a little extra assistance. "Sometimes all they need is just a little help and some food preparation and they're okay in their own homes."

And that's what makes Meals on Wheels so special. But despite the lives they have changed, the group needs something more to make a greater impact.

Lloyd Osborn, volunteer with the program, was very vocal about the need for more drivers. "Meals on wheels is always short on drivers." The program uses 32 drivers a day and they all use their own vehicles.

Donations are always welcome in order to help the program raise more money to get the food. Program coordinators say that their goal is to avoid having a waiting list.

Meals on Wheels offers their services to eligible seniors for free. They are also hosting a casino night on September 12th at Little America, in Cheyenne. All proceeds benefit the program.

If you would like to volunteer with Meals on Wheels, you can call, (307)-635-5542 or visit the website at