Fixing Minimum Wage

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CHEYENNE (KGWN) - It's no secret the economy has seen better days... which can be hard on those making minimum wage.

"People need to make a living so they can have some quality of life." -President Obama. For this reason, he seeks to increase the Federal Minimum Wage.

President Obama explains, “Too many families barely earn what they did in 1999. It’s harder to pay for college, save, or retire, because people’s wages and incomes have not gone up.”

Financial experts are backing up the president's plan. David Couch tells us, "If we raise the minimum wage, it's good for people. If you work 40 hours a week you should be able to put a roof over your head and food on your table."

This is one of many struggles that Cheyenne's local business owners know all too well. Local shop owner, Shane Ingram talked about the importance of helping businesses in small communities. "If they increased minimum wage that would definitely help out a lot of people. Especially in Wyoming, we're such a rural place."

And what helps out the consumer also helps the businesses.