Mystery Noise In Cheyenne

Cropped Photo: Courtesy: FEMA / MGN
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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- The streets of Cheyenne are usually pretty quiet, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing paranormal, until late Saturday night.

"I was called by the dispatch center with a siren like noise about 11:30 at night," said Rob Cleveland, the director of the Laramie County Emergency Management Agency

A sound rang through the city that can best be described as a siren noise.

"I had them check the siren system that we control that the dispatch center uses to see if there were any alerts, and they showed no alerts," said Cleveland.

So we began an investigation, researching and making calls to the big organizations in town.

We reached out to FE Warren, the Air National Guard, Holly Frontier, and Emergency Management Services here in Cheyenne and got the same answer from everyone.

"It was not our system that made the noise," said Cleveland.

We then turned to Facebook and heard from more than 100 people who heard the noise.

From the east side to the south side, and even downtown, it was heard throughout the city.

Union Pacific was our last local reach as many people believed it could have been train emergency breaks, but they responded with no recorded incidents that night.

But the search didn't stop there. People all over the world have been hearing these noises and posting videos online

Suggesting everything from religious theories to geographical ones, and yet the head of the geology department a the University of Wyoming had no answer.

So it's up for you to decide, is it just train brakes? Or could something more paranormal be in the skies above Cheyenne?

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