Nathaniel Castellanos Murder Trial Resumes

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The Nathaniel Castellanos murder trial resumed Monday morning with more witnesses taking the stand. Cheyenne Police Departments' George Trammell was the first to take the stand, testifying that the blood samples taking at the scene were done correctly.

He was followed by Dr. Mark Glasgow, a Denver dentist that worked on Amber McGuire. He went into detail of the procedure he did on McGuire, explaining the extent of the injury she had.

Cheyenne Police Departments Bethany Smith then took the stand. She testified to have inspected Castellanos the night of the murder. She found no signs of a physical struggle on his hands, and found gun shot residue on him. This could be significant since Castellanos claims to have been in a physical altercation with another man at the scene, and having gun shot residue on him proves he was close to a firearm with it was discharged.

Finally, the tape from Castellanos interrogation was played. This presented Castellanos side of the night in great detail. According to Castellanos, he was using the downstairs bathroom when he heard three gun shots, and went upstairs to find the aftermath of a gun fight. That's when he saw an intruder with his gun. He rushed him and managed to pry the gun from him before the intruder escaped down stairs.

More witnesses are scheduled to take the stand Tuesday.

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