New Bio Safety Lab Is Crumbling

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Laramie, WY - The lab was built, people were hired, expectations were high and everything was ready, until things went wrong. "Suddenly there are cracks in the wall and damage to the integrity," said Chris Boswell, the University of Wyoming Vice President for Governmental and Community Affairs.

The bio safety lab at the University of Wyoming didn't pass certification from the Center for Disease Control. "We ran into a number of problems with the building," said Will Laegreid, the Lab Director.

A high pressure event caused major problems and sent up a red flag that the $25 million project wasn't up to par. "It probably wasn't simply by that one event, it was probably related to design and construction flaws," said Boswell.

Which meant the lab couldn't handle the possibly deadly diseases that would eventually make their way to the lab. "We haven't been able to use that facility for any of the research that it was designed for," said Laegreid.

The plan now is to try and move forward instead of pointing fingers and laying blame. "If something significant were to occur in the state it's important that we have the opportunity to respond to that at the university rather than to potentially farm out the diagnostic work," said Boswell.

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