New Internship Program Sending Students West

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - For college students, a summer internship can be the key to getting your foot in the door to a job after you've earned your degree.
A new internship program is sending students to five jobs, in five states, over a course of five weeks.
Students participating in the program are coming to Wyoming and other western states from the east coast to gain real world experience.
Anthony Horton is a student at SUNY Potsdam in New York, who plans to get into law enforcement. He's traveled to Wyoming to work with Wyoming State Parks for just one of five internships that he will experience over a span of five weeks.
"It’s been a big culture shock, definitely. Seeing all the mountain ranges," said Horton.
As a shadow to Lt. Dennis Cease with Wyoming State Parks, he's got to experience all aspects of law enforcement in the state park system.
"It's definitely made me want to pursue it more as well. So I've enjoyed what I've experienced so far and I want to pursue it more," Horton said.
Moving from New York to the west has been something Anthony has considered and this program has given him first-hand experience.
"If you want to pursue your career field and see if you actually really do enjoy it. It's something you should pursue."
For Lt. Cease and Wyoming State Parks, it was an opportunity to help someone on their career path and possibly recruit a future employee.
"It gives him an outlook of what's out there and the different types of law enforcement career paths that are available. We would recommend it and I would recommend it to other agencies too."
Anthony has already been to Colorado Springs and will spend a week at Guernsey State Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico and in Houston, Texas.

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