New WYDOT Building Is Causing Problems

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The new WYDOT ID Services building is bigger, has more parking and has faster moving lines than the old one. "More seating and everything for customers, its just a nicer atmosphere," said Don Edington, the Driver Services Program Manager.

But unfortunately if you don't have a car to get you there, it could be a journey. "Basically this is the corner of Jefferson and Parsley and this is as far west as we readily come," said Joe Dougherty, the Cheyenne Transit Program Manager.

A distance that some people choose to walk on foot. "We go 2.5 miles to get there and 2.5 miles to get back," said Dougherty.

Stephen Egan just had heart surgery and is unable to drive, so he took a taxi. "They don't have a bus here, the only way here is a cab," said Egan.

If you plan far enough in advance there is a curb to curb bus service available. "To schedule a bus that would take them out to get their drivers license and also make an arrangement to come back pick them up that same day," said Dougherty.

But for some people an id is just too important to wait for and they five mile trip is the only option. "Sometimes you just can't do everything you want to do, go everywhere you want to go," said Dougherty.

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