New program aims to help small towns with public transport

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The Wyoming State Energy Office operates under the umbrella of the Wyoming Business Council, so it's always looking to help improve the economic growth of Wyoming.

That's the goal with the newest grant program set up by the State Energy Office.

The new program will help Wyoming's smaller communities study the feasibility of starting a public transportation system. The program will not increase the amount of public transportation in Cheyenne, rather, is aimed at towns like Wheatland and Torrington, where there is no public transportation system.

Sherry Hughes, energy efficiency program manger at the State Energy Office, said that public transportation can be used as a tool to help individuals with employment, health care, and other services.

"Public transportation can serve a variety of people within communities and for some places it may fill a serious need for residents." says Hughes.

Applications can be found on the Wyoming Business Council website and must be turned in by November 15th of this year. There is no minimum on the amount of money you can request, but there is a maximum of $30,000.

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