No Medicaid vote yet in Wyo. Senate committee

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Cheyenne, WY (AP) - The legislative committee considering a bill to expand the Medicaid program in Wyoming has finished taking public testimony but still hasn't voted.

Democratic Sen. Chris Rothfuss, of Laramie, is sponsoring the bill before the Senate Labor, Health and Social Services Committee in Cheyenne.

Rothfuss' bill calls for Wyoming to accept federal funding to add about 17,600 adults to the state's Medicaid system under the federal Affordable Care Act.

The Legislature last year rejected $50 million in federal funds for the program. Opponents say they don't trust federal promises to continue funding.

The committee took public testimony in sessions Wednesday morning and afternoon.

Republican Chairman Sen. Charles Scott, of Casper, said he will announce later when the committee will vote on the bill.

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