No Veteran Dies Alone

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The Cheyenne VA Medical Center is changing the lives of veterans, even in their last hours.

These volunteers aren't building houses or making shelters, they are using their time to build an even stronger bond.

Support comes in different ways, "sometimes holding their hands if they want you to hold their hands, sometimes just listening to them talk, sometimes just saying nothing and being there" said Dr. Tom Cassidy, a volunteer for No Veteran Dies Alone.

And for the veterans the best part of the visitors is, "the company," said veteran Lyle Tayson.

Being there for those who have been there for us, by fighting for our country. "My dad was in ww2 and its kind of a payback, and you really do get a lot more back from them than you ever would give them," said volunteer Kim Fisher.

It’s a program called “No Veteran Dies Alone”, and volunteers spend their time getting to know the veterans.

"Mary and i have adopted each other, and so we're there for each other once a week," said Mary Homiak, a volunteer.

Chaplain Carol Carr began the program three years ago and has been training volunteers for the journey since the start. "They're just all gifted, gifted people from all walks of life just wanting to give back to the veterans who have served us," said Carr.

Tayson said he enjoys the company, "I like to talk, I like to talk about myself, who doesn't?"

But sometimes those who give the support need to receive support as well. "Dealing with people who are dying can bring up emotions and can put somebody in a place where they need to possibly talk about what their experience was," said David McElwain, a mentor for the program.

The VA is holding the training for this program in august. The registration deadline is August 1st. To register, contact voluntary services at 307-778-7550, ext 7317.

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