Owner of Grizzlies looking to sell team

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The Cheyenne Grizzlies are a staple in the community. Every summer over 25 players come to play at Pioneer Park to play for an owner who hasn't missed a game.

Ron Kailey has owned the Cheyenne Grizzlies since their inception in 2005. He and his family love baseball and the team.

"The Grizzlies have been 10 years of my life. It's 1/5th of my life. It's learning and loving baseball and watching kids excel and the stories just go on and on of exciting things we have seen or what people told us they loved about the Grizzlies." Said Kailey.

But, Ron has missed some big moments in his life.

"I hate to say it. We've missed funerals, weddings and even last week the birth of my first grand kid, I missed."Kailey said

So Ron and the Kaileys have decided to sell the team. It will be hard for fans and the team not to see Ron walking around and making sure everything is OK but it will be harder for him to walk away from ten years of his life.

"It's going to be hard. Just thinking of it chokes me up now. I know it is something that had to come to an end someday and we thought it's next year or the next year. But now things are lining up with too many irons in the fire. I gotta do something different." Kailey said.

He is looking for a person who loves baseball and is dedicated to keeping the standards he set up for the Grizzlies.

"Continue to give kids opportunities in baseball from across the country. Promote Cheyenne and maybe some of those kids will end up living here like some of them has done in the past.." Said Kailey.

If you would like info on buying the team just email Ron at: Ron@CheyenneGrizzlies.com

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