Pair of Water Pipe Lines Break in Cheyenne

Water Pipe Lines
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The Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities responded to two separate pipe leaks Wednesday. The first was located in a residential area on Prairie View Road, beginning around 11 PM Tuesday night. The crew that responded worked through the night, and was able to repair the leak the following morning. Breaks such as these can take up to eight hours to repair.

Shortly after they had fixed it, the crew respond to another in front of Hobby Lobby on Lincolnway. In order to repair both pipe line leaks, the crew must disable the water to the local area. In order to protect yourself, the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities suggest that people keep about a gallon of water per person, per household on hand.

It cost's about a million dollars to fix a single mile of pipe line and Cheyenne has over 12 hundred miles of pipeline within the city. Maintenance programs have helped Cheyenne prevent leaks throughout the city. While the national average is anywhere from 10-30 leaks per mile of pipeline per year, Cheyenne averages just seven.

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