Parents Empowering Parents Hold Rally For Funding

Rally Signs
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Parents Empowering Parents held a rally today fighting to expand funding for care of people s with disabilities. Over 150 people, many of them with disabilities, marched from the Capitol building to the Herschler building to deliver a message. "We are asking the legislature to support the governor, and to implement his budget with the additional appropriations. we ask them to fully fund these programs so that no one is forced to wait any longer."

In 2003 the waiting list in Wyoming for state funds was 63. Today it is over 600. "It's just become so difficult to get help. So i guess in closing they do say it takes a village, and I'm wondering where my village is at. so it's pretty much me and husband, it feels like, against the world." "Just because a person is in the community, does not mean they are part of it. fear, stereotypes, and misconceptions are the biggest barrier for people with disabilities from entering the work force, and the community".

As the state weighs its options with the funding, many of the people currently receiving funding are now fearing they too may be left out. "don't cut our funding because we don't have a place to stay. and i hope they don't". "I'm good to be, happy where I'm at. and i don't want nobody to change that."

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