Parents Planning Lawsuit over Funding Cuts to Wyoming's Disabled

Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Parents of disabled children and adults say the Wyoming Department of Health is deliberately ignoring legislation.
Many parents in Wyoming are experiencing cuts in funding needed to care for their children.
Parents, legislators and state schools Superintendent Cindy Hill all expressed their concern over the funding cuts during a news conference at Little America Monday.
Wyoming has fallen from number one nationally in care for those with disabilities in 1999 to 41st last year.
The group "Wyoming Parents Empowering Parents" claims the Department of Health is ignoring its own statute and legislation that would ensure disabled persons would not experience any service cuts.
WYOPEP now plans to take legal action against the state very soon.
"They only way you're ever going to get their attention is a lawsuit. We don't want that, but unfortunately that's probably the only way we're going to get their attention," said Gail Roberts, parent of a disabled child.
"I think they're (Wyoming Dept. of Health) handling it very poorly. I think that there are people paying for having their services cut and they shouldn't be because they still allowed participants to have their funds cut," said Rep. Kathy Davidson.
There are about 2,500 people in Wyoming with intellectual and developmental disabilities, 600 are still on the waiting list to receive monetary assistance.

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