Possible Trash Fee Increase

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- A possible fee increase on trash could bring a much needed growth for the city's trash removal, "that includes our fuel, that includes the cost of equipment, that includes the cost of our vehicles" said Jim Elias, Cheyenne Public Works Director.

The tax is based on the increases cost of business. Those for it say the tax increase is a necessity to keep the city working like it should, "that is probably one of the most important health and safety aspects the city has to deal with" said Jim Brown, a Cheyenne City Councilman.

Other city council members say they're against the fee increase. However, an increase would help would help the rising fuel costs, as well as wages and health care for the workers.

It could also help expand the landfill so Cheyenne trash won't have to be transported to Colorado, "by controlling the landfill here, by expanding it and opening it back up for our municipal solid waste, we have a better control of the system, the overall system, for a longer period of time," said Elias.

Councilman Brown wants people to keep in mind that even though you may forget about your trash once its picked up, it still has to be dealt with, "they don't think about where it goes, but it costs a lot of money to make that trash disappear."

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