Potential Jurors Questioned For Nathaniel Castellanos Murder Trial

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The first group of around 25 potential jurors made their way into District Court to be questioned by lawyers around 9am Tuesday morning for the Nathaniel Castellanos murder trial case. With the defendant on hand, the counsels took turns asking general questions to the group of potential jurors. Most of the questions dealt with the potential jurors knowledge of possible witnesses, of Castellanos, and of personal life experiences that may sway their opinion in the case.

Whenever questions did apply to individuals, they answered further questions directed specifically to them, but were not excused from the rest of the proceedings. This process will be used for all of the potential jurors and is expected to take around 2-3 weeks.

Castellanos is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of Corey Walker and Megan McIntosh and one count of attempted murder of Amber McGuire in August of 2011. He has plead not guilty to these charges.

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