Public hearing heard on gas and electric rate hike

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - A proposed hike in gas and electric fees for Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power customers has some locals concerned.

The Wyoming Public Commission heard testimony Wednesday from the public and from attorneys representing Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power the state Office of Consumer Advocate, Dyno Nobel and Holly Frontier Corp.
Any rate increase will have to be approved by the Wyoming Public Commission.

Originally the utilities company wanted to raise gas and electric rates for a combined total of about $13 a month for residential customers.

Now, the company is asking the Wyoming Public Commission for increases that would only total $11.07.

But Mary Lou Doe testified that even that much of a hike was stretching her already thin budget. She said that she's on a fixed income and with possible rate increases in trash rates, she's worried her rent will go up in addition to her utilities.

The rate increases will help fund the Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station power plant, said Cheyenne Light spokesperson Sharon Fain.

The hearings could continue for a few more days, any approved increase would start in October.

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