RFA 14 Weigh-Ins and Preview

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- The Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) was established in 2011, with a goal of showcasing the top up and coming talent in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

The brass at RFA understands that when top talent comes through, it may not stay for long.

"What the RFA is about is building fighters, giving them a platform, to take a young guy that has potential and project him into the sport of MMA at the highest level," said RFA Chief Operating Officer Sven Bean.

That means letting fighters out of their contracts if the UFC, widely regarded as the sport's highest institution, comes calling.

Bean, using a baseball analogy, said the RFA is like the triple A of mixed martial arts and the UFC is like the major leagues.

The RFA has launched several fighters into the UFC including past flyweight champions in Sergio Pettis and Zach Makovsky.

Every fighter on the card knows that a win could be the start of something big.

That's why weigh-ins are such an important element of each fight.

The weigh-ins for RFA 14 came with a bit of controversy.

Junior Maranhão flew from Brazil on two weeks notice to take a flyweight title fight against Matt Manzanares because Manzanares' original opponent could not obtain a work visa.

Manzanares did all he could to make the 125 pound weight requirement, weighing in at 123.6 pounds.

But Maranhão was heavy, he weighed 126.2 pounds.

For most fights there is a 1 pound allowance, meaning Maranhão would normally have only been .2 oz over.

Title fights are exact, meaning Maranhão had 2 hours to lose 1.2 pounds from an already gaunt frame.

As tense minutes passed all anyone could do was weight and hope that Maranhão would make good on his end of the bargain.

With the 2 hour limit almost expired Maranhão did just that, making official Friday's title fight.

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