Race for the Cure Gathers Residents

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Women from all over the community shared their stories of living and surviving through breast cancer.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer at Thanksgiving, and I've been going through treatment since then," said Lori Ziemann, a participant in Race For the Cure.

"I am a breast cancer survivor of 11 years," said Jill Jensen, a breast cancer survivor.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, so now I really celebrate this," said Jean Phealan, a Co-Sponsor New Balance breast cancer survivor.

Survivors, their friends and families participated in the Susan G.
Komen Race for the cure early Saturday morning. "This race is a huge fundraiser in the state of Wyoming," said Amy Fox, the race chair.

All of the effort goes to raise money for research that helps the women here in Wyoming. "75% of the money stays right here in Wyoming," said Fox.

The streets around the capitol donned the color pink to show support for the people who have breast cancer. "There are so many women effected with breast cancer and its so wonderful to see all the love and support," said Ziemann.

Support that means the world to these survivors. "All of these people out here are supporting breast cancer, that helps with the search for the cure," said Jensen.

Some of the people participating are lucky to be racing and sharing their stories.

"To say that i had breast cancer a year ago, and today I ran a 5k that was a race sponsored by Komen, that's a blessing," said Phelan.

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