Radioactive equipment missing in Northern Colorado

Denver, CO (KGWN) - A portable gauge that uses radioactivity to test moisture density at construction sites has been reported missing in Jefferson County. The device, a Troxler model 3430 density gauge, serial number 36856, has two radioactive sources: Cesium-137 and a combination of Americium-241 and Beryllium. The gauge presents a potential health risk if handled improperly.

A.G. Wassenaar Inc., of Denver, reported the gauge was missing around 2:30 p.m. on Friday, April 11. It was lost somewhere between the intersection of Shaffer Parkway and Shaffer Place and the intersection of West Ken Caryl Avenue and South Continental Divide Road. The incident was reported to the Jefferson County Sheriff and the Radiation Program of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The gauge is a yellow metal box featuring a long, rod-shaped handle with a grip. A radioactive warning label is attached to the handle and the case. The top of the device features a keypad and electronic display. The instrument is safe if it is intact and handled by appropriately trained people, but could emit higher-than-normal levels of radiation if the shielding is damaged. There was no carrying case with the missing gauge.

Anyone who finds the device should not handle it, but should immediately call the company’s radiation safety officer at 303-210-2297. A reward will be offered.

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