Remembering Sierra

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Sierra Deselms died too soon. At just 19 years old she knew where her life was headed.

"She was going to LCCC with diesel mechanic, and she was just kind of one of the guys out there," said Sierra's cousin Kalie Hahn.

But last weeks accident put an end to all that. "The accident was pretty bad," said Hahn.

And now her sister Kayla is fighting for survival at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. "She's a fighter and she'll wake up whenever she wants to wake up," said Hahn.

Waking up to a world without her sister Sierra. "Those other family reunions, she won't be there. She won't be there, but i know Kayla will," said Hahn.

Now the family and the community is pulling together to remember the life of an outgoing full of life girl and those she left behind. "All we can do is be there for the family and help them through this, and I mean, move forward," said Hahn.

Hoping that others think about Sierra and hold their loved ones tight.

"All I can say is please buckle up, if she would have worn her seat belt, I'm sorry, she may have made it, so five seconds is all it takes," said Hahn.

If you are interested in donating to help Kayla recover, visit their donation page at

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