Rescued Dogs Doing Well

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Katie Emmons, the marketing director for the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, says that the outpouring of support from the Cheyenne community has been astounding. They've received over 2,500 pounds of food, including wet food, bedding, treats, as well as some monetary donations.

The dogs that were brought into the shelter this weekend are doing as well as can be expected. Emmons says that they are doing a more thorough examination of the dogs and most of them are in pretty good shape. There are still a few that need medical attention but she hopes that the first few dogs will be out on the adoption floor later this week.

With all the donations that are coming in, Emmons says that they are pretty well stocked on food, but more than anything else now, they need money. The shelter has to go through and spay and neuter all the dogs that came in as well as vaccinate and microchip them, and that doesn't include any of the medical treatment they need on top of that. Emmons says that if you don't want to donate to the general fund, that residents can sponsor surgery or microchip costs, or you can sponsor a specific animal as well.

Foster family applications have been flooding into the shelter, but Emmons wants to remind everyone that they have dogs there that didn't come in from Peck that need families too.

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